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Reclaiming our essence from addictions, compulsions and dependencies

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Reclaiming our essence from addictions, compulsions and dependencies

November 25 @ 3:00 pm November 28 @ 3:00 pm CET

Im alten Rundling 13
Clenze OT Kassau, 29459 Germany

Retreat Overview

This 4-day retreat allows us the time and space to investigate how we lost ourselves through addiction or compulsions and how to cultivate tools to reclaim ourselves.

We will better understand how addiction gains strength through rituals + habits (most of us created these unconsciously) and we’ll explore ways to create new, positive ones during our 4 days together.

We will explore themes of

  • Powerlessness, empowerment and freedom
  • Addictive lives and deep truths
  • Acceptance and community support

We will use tools of

  • 5Rhythms Dance
  • Creative acts of catharsis
  • Games and sharing
  • Visualizations, drawing and writing

Special Retreat Take-aways

In addition to the rich retreat experience and community connection, you will receive:

  • A Resource Guide – a compilation of all the exercises and any theory to easily refer back to again and again
  • A Complimentary Counseling Session – a space to meet (online or in person) and process post workshop
    • Available to anyone who has not previously received a complimentary counseling session
      • For those who have received a complimentary session in the past, you receive a session with a reduced contribution of €35
    • Please book this session within 3-weeks after the workshop

What people say about KIX

“The KIX Project – workshops, classes and series – have immensely contributed to me feeling at ease with being sober.”

“I am grateful for KIX and to Samar for creating and holding that safe space with such courage and honesty. It is hard to put into words, yet perhaps it is best experienced.”

“I feel less alone here. Samar’s own identification, creates a bond and trust that mess it very easy for me to open up. I can express everything that is here. This may be joy or ecstasy, but I can just as easily express my sadness or anger and feel safe doing so.”

“Thank you for creating the space for us to dance and share and reflect on our addictive behaviors. It helps me a lot to understand without hating myself. For the first time, I stopped {addiction}. It’s been 7 months now.”

“I felt really safe and supported during the KIX workshop. I learned more about my addiction patterns and I really appreciated dancing with all these wonderful people.”

“Samar is an integral part of the group and shares her own experiences with addiction in a very open, personal and also passionate way, creating a very safe space. Her music is very energetic and sexy, and group sharing and exercises create a special atmosphere where something actually starts to shift in me.”

Getting to the venue

Seminarhof Drawehn is a beautiful location close to nature that was specifically chosen to give us a chance to step out of our daily lives for this courageous investigation.

The venue is approximately 2hours outside of Berlin, and we can co-ordinate transportation from the main train station to the venue. Promise the little trek is worth it, and will truly support our experience!

Contribution Breakdown

NOTE: Single Rooms are booked out. Please contact me if you would like to be on the waiting list for a single room

If you would like to pay via PayPal, please contact me.

In the ticket options, you will find the full workshop cost. Here is the breakdown:

Double Room €62,50 per person/night = €187,50 total (3 nights)
Single Room €82,50 per person/night = €247,50 total (3 nights)

Workshop Cost:
Early Bird €250 before September 15
Regular €290 from September 15
If you want to join but cannot afford the cost of the workshop, please reach out.

Requests due to covid-19

In light of the covid-19 requirements, please support our time and space together and either;

  • Bring a negative Bürger Test result with you – taken within 24hours of arriving
  • Bring a self-test to take at the retreat venue – we will have a few tests available in the studio, too
  • Bring or email a copy of your vaccine card – vaccine cards are ‘applicable’ after 14 days of your 2nd shot

Cancelations & Refund

Life is full of surprises, sometimes unpleasant, that affect our decisions. With this in mind, and the obvious uncertainty that covid-19 creates:

  • If the retreat is canceled due to a change in covid-19 regulations or other such factors, you will receive 100% refund.
  • If you are unable to join due to covid-19 regulations such as restrictions to enter Germany from your home country or quarantine requirements, you will receive 100% refund.
  • If you are unable to join due to other reasons, let’s chat about if a portion refund can be given (e.g. timing of cancelation and if someone else can take your spot).


Q: What are addictions, dependencies and compulsive behaviors? 

Addiction is any compulsive or uncontrollable habit that we engage in to escape our feelings, or our reality.

Often it starts as a way to help us cope with life experiences yet over time we lose control and compulsively go towards those behaviors or substances.

Here are a two examples of how alcohol and Netflix were first used as ways to cope, and later became addictions:

  • The first time Louise* got drunk, it felt like all her insecurities disappeared. She felt like she was on top of the world and could be her ‘true self’ no matter who was in the room.
    At first, Louise only drank at big parties or conferences. Over time, she drank more often and at the slightest ‘feeling’ of stress. Her self-esteem worsened and she started to feel ashamed of her drinking.
    But she continued to keep a flask close-by as ‘medicine’ for stress. Even when her drinking affected friendships, commitments and her very own values, she couldn’t stop. Louise found support to stop drinking. She learned new ways to deal with stress and let go of her insecurities. 
  • Val* loves watching Netflix. To watch his favorite show is treat at the end of a long day. A way to relax. One episode turns into five and before long, it’s midnight.
    Val wakes up tired the next morning because of the previous night’s Netflix binge. Even if he turns off the TV, he can’t sleep anyway because his thoughts keep him up. He feels lost.
    Val tells himself that everyone watches Netflix at night and even though he senses his life is ‘running away’ from him, he doesn’t know what else to do, and finds himself in front of his screen again, day after day.
    Val discovered that Netflix binges were a way to hide from uncomfortable feelings and decisions he was avoiding. He received guidance and tools to feel his feelings and confidence to make important life decisions – without Netflix or other compulsive behaviors.

*names changed to respect confidentiality

Q: What are some examples of addictions and compulsions?

The most commonly known addictions are substance addictions; alcohol and drugs.
Behavioral (process) addictions have infinite possibilities:
sex, romance, work, porn, power, money, social media, control, drama, emotions, cleanliness, food / eating, exercise, addicted to another person, obsessively thinking, fantasy, compulsive helping …
The defining piece of all addictions is the compulsive nature which tends to have a cycle of a ‘high’ or feeling euphoric or feeling ‘complete’ followed by guilt, shame or remorse. You might even find yourself saying ‘I won’t do it again’ or ‘I can’t stop’ or ‘just one more time’ or ‘I have to’.

Q: How do I know if I have an addiction or just really like something?

Please feel free to contact me for a 20-minute no-cost and confidential chat.

Here are some signs, too, that might give you some clues:

  • Reward: Do you feel better and more in control ‘doing it’ even if there might be negative consequences?
  • Importance: Do you find ‘doing it’ has become a part of who you are or a way you live your life? Do you worry you would not be able to ‘deal’ without it or believe that you couldn’t ‘live’ without that person, job or behavior?
  • Disruption: Do you say you are going to do something different and then – almost like a dream – find yourself ‘doing it’? 
  • Frequency: Do you ‘do it’ more often and for longer periods of time than before, or than you originally planned? Do you hear yourself say “just a bit more” or “just another one” or “I can’t help it”?
  • Pausing: Do you feel uncomfortable if you cannot ‘do it’? Does ‘doing it’ or being with that person take up all your thoughts and energy? Do you have emotional or physical responses, e.g. racing heart, while you are engaging in the behavior or when you cannot ‘do it’?
  • Secrecy: Do you keep this behavior, the frequency or the intensity a secret from others? Do you hide the behavior or feel scared what would happen if someone else finds out? Deep down, do you judge yourself for what you’re doing ? Do you rationalize or make excuses, even to yourself?

Q: Do I have to ‘stop’ my addiction before attending?

It is not required to ‘stop’ your addiction prior to attending, however, it is required to be sober for the events.

What we all have in common is a curiosity about about how addictions, compulsions or dependencies play out in our life. We might, also, be open to learn what can lead to those addictive behaviors or the shadows or (negative) self-definitions we have about ourselves.

You are invited to show up exactly as you are, in this non-judgemental, open and confidential space.

Please do not attend class under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Q: What if I can still function in my daily life with my addiction, codependency or compulsions? Isn’t that OK?

All addictions rob us from connection, freedom, intimacy. Sometimes we recognize this sensation subtly, in our innermost realms. Other times, addictions might run rampant in our external worlds. 

I believe that functioning is a way to survive life which is a far cry from what we all deserve – living life and thriving with peace and serenity.

Only you know, in a space within yourself, whether you are functioning and ‘just making it by’ and if / when you are ready to lay down the taboos and investigate what it might be like to live and thrive without addictions, compulsions, codependency or dependency.

Q: Who is the KIX Retreat for?

Anyone curious about addiction, compulsive tendencies or dependencies for the first time as well as anyone familiar with how it plays out in their lives. 

You might have a little clue that you are struggling or coping with life. You might want to change a behavior and are meeting challenges, despite the attempts to stop. You might consider yourself an addict and are no living sober (or not). You might want to deal with your shadows that can lead into addiction. There is no ‘one’ motivation, no one size fits all in KIX. What we all have in common is an interest in or desire to deal with / learn about addiction or compulsions.

About Samar Linn

Samar is a curious investigator of the human experience and a movement catalyst. She is a certified 5Rhythms® teacher, a trained Integrative Counselor and Bodyworker. KIX is her heart project that was born out of her exploration of the insidiousness and pervasiveness of her multiple addictions. The gift has been to learn the root cause of all addictions and to create a unique program for herself to lead a fulfilling and addiction-free life. Today, she offers her learnings forward in the format as KIX.

Samar runs a range of workshops and regular classes to bring more curiosity to ourselves, openness to our uniqueness and permission to embrace the magic in daily life. Her raw attitude, vulnerability and fascination in ways to embody freedom of expression provide an electric, creative and safe environment.

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